Eco-wall and Eco-porcelain tiles

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Location: Nules, Castellón, Spain

Partners involved: KERABEN and ACCIONA

General description: The great success of Case Study 4 has been possible thanks to the industrial symbiosis between two different industries, in the field of Natural Stones and Ceramic tiles. It has been developed a new type of tiles including a relevant amount of Secondary Raw Materials as a component of the ceramic body of tiles, which have been conceived and manufactured according to ECO-design criteria.

Supply chain:


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The journey of these new Eco-wall tiles will continue in a Demo park in Algete (Madrid), under the supervision of ACCIONA.







Installation: Between August and September 2019, the innovative material produced by Keraben has been installed in the Acciona Demopark in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain.

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Two types of eco tiles have been installed:

  • ECO-POROUS WALL TILES: Light ceramic tile of porous based material for indoor use in walls or ceilings. The main target for these new innovative tiles is to reduce weight by increasing porosity and to keep the mechanical properties with partial replacement in the composition of virgin raw materials by secondary raw materials such as micronized carbonate from marble slurries. The Eco wall tiles have been installed on the interior walls of two modular buildings.







  • ECO-PORCELAIN TILES: Tough ceramic tile of porcelain stoneware based material for outdoor use in high traffic sites, sidewalks and other urban destinations. The main targets for these new innovative tiles are improved characteristics related to frost resistance, high wear resistance and fracture resistance with partial replacement of virgin raw materials by secondary raw materials including aluminium oxide-based materials. Eco Porcelain Tiles were placed on the floor of both buildings and also outside, around another building.




The technical performance of both types of FISSAC Eco Tiles will be compared with commercial Keraben`s wall and porcelain tiles that have also been installed.