Pre-industrial production of Rubber Wood Plastic Composite

Location: Wrexham, United Kingdom

Partners involved: ECODEK (manufacturing), TECNALIA (Microwave Technology for wood SRM drying) and ACCIONA (Quality Control and Installation)

General description: Rubber Wood-plastic composites were produced by using tyre rubber, waste plastic and wood, both virgin or waste.

Supply chain:

Rubber wood plastic composites

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Ecodek manufactures wood plastic composite materials using extrusion technology, in which a polymer is melted and mixed with wood to form profiles that can then be used to fabricate different final products, such as decking, cladding, fencing and other products.

Standard products incorporate recycled HDPE. However, through the FISSAC project, other, less commonly recycled materials have been thoroughly investigated.  These investigations included the partial replacement of main materials with recycled rubber crumb.

The production of Rubber Wood plastic composites needed the collaboration of different industries to collect all the materials needed.  An example of the symbiosis, that FISSAC wants to achieve, was the collaboration with Befesa to identify a compatibilizer to optimise the addition of rubber to WPC, i.e. Serox.

1_Recycled rubber crumbRecycled rubber crumb

2_wood flourWood flour

3_Recycled HDPERecycled HDPE

4_Serox from BEFESA
Serox from BEFESA

Before mixing all components, the wood flour needs to be pre-dried.


5_Heated wood screwHeated wood screw

As part of the FISSAC project, an alternative drying method was investigated, i.e. microwave technology.


6_Semi-industrial microwaveSemi-industrial microwave

Once the moisture content of the wood is reduced, it is weighed together with the rest of the components at the correct proportions, within the hopper system where they are blended.


7_Hopper systemHopper system

The mix is then conveyed to the feed hopper which feeds the material into the extruder.


8_Feed hopperFeed hopper


The mix melts and mixes into the extruder, which is then formed into the final shape with the help of a die.

10_Profile die and water bathProfile die and water bath

The extruded profile is then cooled with water and cut at the required length.




12_Final product

Final product