The aim of the FISSAC project is to develop a software model that supports Industrial Symbiosis (IS) management within the construction and demolition value chain. It is therefore of interest to review existing tools or databases that work in a similar manner in order to act as a reference point for learning, comparing and sharing experiences. One example of this is the ITeC’s construction elements database used by construction stakeholders in Catalonia. (more…)

There are various European projects on industrial symbiosis, circular economy, and the construction value chain. Each one has a specific focus, though we all share part of a common vision. Please consult our Library page to discover these projects. RESLAG is one of them. Halfway through the project, here is an account of the latest work carried out. (more…)

The fourth general assembly of the FISSAC project took place in Wortley, UK, on 29 and 30 March 2017. This meeting gave all 26 partners the opportunity to discuss project progress, covering recently finished, ongoing, and future work. (more…)