The BAU Fair, which is a leader for architecture, materials, and systems in the building industry, hosted over 250,000 visitors and 2,120 exhibitors attending from many different countries in this year’s organization. It therefore had very diverse participants from different areas in the building industry. As AKG Gazbeton, we were present at stand 230 in hall A1.

Besides introducing our AAC block, panel and insulating board products, we also presented a poster including informations about the FISSAC project. Utilizing waste materials such as from concrete, glass, ceramic and aluminium industries in FISSAC, we presented to many participants working on these industries. In presentations, the main idea of the FISSAC project, to develop and demonstrate a new paradigm built on an innovative industrial symbiosis model, was of key interest to the visitors, especially collaborations of different industries and the idea of converting waste materials into innovative products. Therefore, BAU Fair was very useful for presentation and dissemination of our project. Stay on the lookout for us at BAU 2019!

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