General description



This section shows the work developed in two different work packages. Firstly, the new products were manufactured at pre-industrial scale to validate recycling processes to set up the basis for the validation at real scale. Secondly, the new solutions (EcoCement and Green Concrete, innovative ceramic tiles and wood-plastic composites) were demonstrated through five different case studies considering the whole supply chain of the industrial symbiosis: the manufacturing processes, the technical performance of the new products and their implementation at real scale in construction applications.

The implementation of the new solutions for EcoCement and Green Concrete, innovative ceramic tiles and rubber wood-plastic composites were done in nine different demonstration case studies (four at pre-industrial scale and five at real scale).

Each of the demonstrations brings a description of the case: location, context, whole supply chain (partners involved), manufacturing at (pre-)industrial scale and installation. During the following months, monitoring and LCA/LCC activities results will be uploaded.