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On 1 March 2018, ACCIONA Construction held a summit with representatives from the China Academy of Building Research and the National Centre for International Research of Low-carbon & Green Buildings. This event was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other’s potential and look for possible collaboration. The China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is the largest and most diverse research institution in building industry in China. (more…)

FISSAC will host its next webinar in June. This webinar will focus on the interactions between the highly predominant technical aspect of industrial symbiosis and the non-technical aspects, including social engagement and acceptance. Typically, the social dimension of industrial symbiosis refers to the need for firms to interact more extensively than is required for normal business practice. Topics will include concrete examples.

The precise date will be announced shortly in a save-the-date. To ensure you receive it, please make sure you subscribe.

The third gathering of the Belgian Living Lab, a second one on Urban Mining, took place in Mechelen on 18 December. Once again, experts from the construction and demolition sector, civil servants and researchers, discussed the priority research questions. The focus was on practical aspects of demolition and processing on small sites, challenges for the economic model, the importance of cooperation along the chain, and the way in which policy and regulation can take urban mining to the next level.

A number of questions are being submitted to an expert team for further research, others are being tested, monitored, and analysed on existing sites, or will serve as topics for a subsequent Living Lab.