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The FISSAC IS platform is now online!

The platform is able to support decision making in material flow analyses and industrial clustering. The fundamental aim of the FISSAC IS platform is to demonstrate and maximize environmental, social and financial benefits of Industrial Symbiosis networks to support circular economy structure. Furthermore, the platform will facilitate the formation and operation of IS networks.

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12Feb 2020

European projects are always full of logos with high-quality design and FISSAC, with its 25 partners, is surrounded by logos. Yet, the success of FISSAC is the result of collaboration not only among organisations and companies but also among different cultures, languages, people. In these 4 and a half years of work, the symbiosis generated wasn’t only industrial. It has been a human symbiosis made of respect, mutual learning, and cooperation.

For once, it’s time to give space to those faces which have been behind the project and worked hard to reach important results in fostering the industrial symbiosis in the construction sector. Let them explain to you what FISSAC means.

What’s there behind the logos?



This is it. The Final Conference of the FISSAC project took place on 29 January 2020, in Brussels. It has been a great opportunity to discuss the topics that were analysed and investigated towards more than four years of hard and exciting work.

The FISSAC consortium said no to a traditional and static conference, choosing instead for a participative and dynamic event. The participants could get an overview not only on the FISSAC results but also on the current EU agenda regarding industrial symbiosis and the future opportunities of funding.

The Final Conference hosted also the official launch of the FISSAC platform with a first live session which had the purpose to encourage the interested people to become users of the platform and to give relevant feedbacks to even better improve the tool.

Seven excellent hosts managed 3 rounds of conversations (or Conver-stations) on 7 different stories related to the industrial symbiosis, such as the role of the local authorities, other ambitious projects, the future of the glass in the buildings’ sector and the social acceptance of industrial related projects. The participants could choose three stories they were more interested in and each host moderated three sessions of conversation around the specific story. Each Conver-station was a safe space not only to listen but also to put on the table new and personal perspectives.


Finally, four external speakers represented the perspective of the EU Commission, the regional authorities, the social sciences and the different stakeholders involved in the Living Labs. Their contribution has been central to guide the last session of the event, where the participants worked in small groups to elaborate on recommendations and messages to foster the industrial symbiosis in all the industrial value chains around Europe.

The Final Conference ended leaving the participants with some new knowledge, a new perspective, new ideas and new contacts to work more on spreading the industrial symbiosis and circular economy’s pillars.


To check all the presentations and more photos of the event, follow the link.


Only -2 days to the FISSAC Final Conference!

On 29 January 2020, we will discuss the topics that this H2020 project brought to light.

It will not be a traditional conference. The involvement and perspective of the different stakeholders will cover a central role during the whole event. The industrial symbiosis will be analysed by the economic, social and environmental point of view of local authorities, private sector, and civil society.

A big moment of the conference: the official launch of the FISSAC platform! The participants will go through all the features of the new platform directly guided by the developers.

Be prepared to share your ideas and to meet interesting people strongly involved in spreading the industrial symbiosis in different value chains. The event will end defining a set of recommendations to foster the outcomes of FISSAC across new industrial value chains.

Take a final look at the agenda!

See you there!


Only one week left before the H2020 FISSAC project Final Conference to be held in Brussels on the 29th of January 2020. If you have not registered to the FISSAC Final Conference yet, you have few days left.

The deadline to register has been extended to 24 January 2020. Follow the registration link.

The agenda of the event has been finalised and, with the support of the professional facilitator Peter Woodward, the participants will work together on the topics that the FISSAC project brought to light, such as the importance of the social acceptance, the role of the public authorities, the replicability of the FISSAC model and the building of new supply chains to make industrial symbiosis happen.

Furthermore, the FISSAC platform will be officially launched and participants will have the opportunity to actively take part to a tutorial, discovering all the functionalities of this innovative tool.

During two no-formal workshops, representatives of EU funded projects, public authorities, private companies, civil society and research sector will share their experience and perspective diving deeper on the topics of industrial symbiosis and circular economy.

Do you need some more arguments to be convinced?

Check out the final AGENDA and discover our speakers.

Few seats are still available, so register now and take part in this great event branded FISSAC!