FISSAC, together with other 4 H2020 projects (RE4, VEEP, GREENINSTRUCT, INNOWEE), are pleased to invite researchers, industrial companies, professionals and wide public interested in the topic of circular economy, industrial symbiosis, new materials for the common workshop called “Today‘s waste, tomorrow material”. Projects representatives will introduce their results and lead interactive discussions related to the topic.

The workshop is organized within the World Sustainable Energy Days (session “Innovation Workshops Energy and Buildings”) on 28th February 2019 in Wels, Austria. Here the conference program.

The workshop registration is free of charge, but it is necessary to be registered on the WSED conference in order to participate in the workshop. Here is the link.

Details can be found in the flyer.

We are looking forward to meeting you then!

Circular business models are solid enough only if there is market demand behind, and we all know that users create the demand. Thus, conscious, informed consumers can drive the transition to alternative and circular business models. Some questions arise from this statement:

How would the way we build change if users decided on the design and use of the buildings and public spaces they inhabit?

  • How would the professional relationships among the different actors within the construction value chain be transformed if consumers demanded renewable, healthy materials, bioclimatic buildings, modular constructions designed for deconstruction…?

The second FISSAC Living Lab Barcelona, co-organized by SIMBIOSY together with the Societat Orgànica (a professional cooperative that works in the field of sustainable building) on the 30th of October 2018, , served as a visualization spot of successful experiences and as a space for an exchange of views and ideas.



British Glass and GTS were invited to speak at the 3rd Annual Innovative Glazing Conference in Vienna in November. They delivered at 40 minute presentation about FISSAC and closed loop recycling of flat glass from the construction to drive knowledge and conversation within the construction sector.

The conference was attended by a leading group of architects, facade engineers and sustainability experts from across the glass sector.

The British Glass Article and a link to the presentation can be found here

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On 22-24 October 2018 the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) has been taken place in Yokohama, Japan.

Rina Consulting team, in charge of the definition and validation of the final FISSAC model, has participated in the event to present the FISSAC project.

The project has been presented to different stakeholders in occasion of the session co-organised by EASME, “Showcasing circular business solutions“.

In addition the Rina team has participated to the side event organised by EASME on “EU going global: innovative solutions for circular services“, dedicated to the new H2020 projects funded under the 2017 call – a great opportunity to meet professionals interested in circular economy and industrial symbiosis.


The 16th Conference on Waste Prevention organised by a ACR+ member, the Catalan Waste Agency, took place the past 21 November and had a focus on Industrial Symbiosis projects. The aim of the conference was to present the implementation of different industrial symbiosis programms all around Europe and stimulate a debate among the participants to exchange ideas and learn from each project´s best practices.

The FISSAC project was selected for the event and presented by Verónica Kuchinow, CEO of Símbiosy.

Find all the presentations here!: