FISSAC Concrete road pavement in Adana

The Case study 1 has been sucessfully achieved by Türkiye Çimento Müstahsilleri Birliği – TÇMB in Adana, Turkey. The process followed a series of phases which transformed a waste in a resource, complying with FISSAC phylosophy.

First of all, two layers of wire mesh steel were placed above the base layer.

1.2. Wire Mesh Steel

In the meanwhile, ready mix concrete was produced at a nearby plant using mix-22 blended cement and aggregates. The concrete mix was transported to the construction area.

4.2. Application

The concrete has been pumped into the construction area.

The surface was smoothened by a surface vibrator screed respectively. Finally, it was finished by a walk-behind power trowel. It was broom-textured to increase the skid resistance.

5.1. Surface Smoothening

6.1. Troweling

7.1. Texturing

The concrete road has been tested using heavy vehicles.

9. The First Use