Green concrete slab

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Location: Zestoa, Spain

Partners involved: TECNALIA

General description: Industry settlements, ceramic, chemical minerals, ferrous metals, steel engineering and construction generate 2.7 billion tons of waste per year, having a high dependence on resources. Therefore, there’s an always higher interest in moving toward a green economy. In FISSAC project, new green concrete is elaborated based on a new eco-cement created from raw materials received by steel, glass, aluminium and ceramic industries.

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The standard OPS cement is partially replaced by prepared ceramic waste, recycled glass and a lot of steel LF slag. Meanwhile, the aggregates are constituted by EAF steel slags. Then, the new concrete result needs to be proven from the point of view of its workability and consistency. The FISSAC Green Concrete performance is similar to the standard high-density ready-mix concrete.

The benefits are severals:

  • 4 waste currents valorized: LF and EAF steel slags, glass and ceramic waste;
  • Up to 1700 kg EAF slags per cubic meter concrete;
  • Reducing 12% the Clinker, a reduction of 10-12% CO2 footprint;
  • Optimal performance, especially for high density concretes;
  • Satisfactory workability;
  • Expected good long-term performance.

The new FISSAC green concrete supposes a notable reduction of employed clean care and, saving the raw materials in the elaboration of a concrete, results in a low carbon footprint product.

This new concrete represents the step forward of the industrial waste valorization in the construction value chain.